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    Customer ReviewsThey restored my entire well pump system. New commercial pump, pump start relay, pressure tank and electrical relocated everything in a convenient location, all warranted. Awesome work guys
    Jenniferlee Tv
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    Irrigation Repair Customer Reviews Prompt arrival and professional service on a "not so professional" ancient system!! Thanks Robert for the remedy to my shut off problem, leak and great service at a reasonable price. You guys rock!!
    Eli Jacobs
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    Customer ReviewsOne of the most challenging things in flipping a house is finding knowledgeable experience contractors with common sense. Robert and the team get restored my plumbing, repaired some electrical circuit in the box, and took care of the entire irrigation running from the well pump system. Now they are in my back pocket for more projects.
    Nicholas Fischer
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    Customer ReviewsI have found Authentic Custom Services, Inc. (ACS) to provide an exceptional level of service and customer care that you don't normally find with plumbers overcharging and poor craftsmanship. Authentic Custom Services does not have bad traits. Detailed, precise, fast and courteous!
    Chadwell Supply

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What you need to know before installing a landscape light

Beyond doubts, you must have seen a landscape light and how beautiful it makes your lawn…. The crown jewel of the house is the garden, landscape light is a very fantastic way to show off your property and give it the attention it rightfully deserves. It is usually a choice that every home owner has […]

What To Do Before Requesting Sprinkler Repair Services

Do you reside in Tampa environs, and you need to contact a sprinkler repair service agency to fix your default sprinkler controller? This blog post will teach you simple things that you can do before contacting a sprinkler repair service, and simple things to do after contacting a sprinkler repair service.   What To Do […]

Top Five Irrigation Repairs & Problems In Tampa

Is it possible to avoid Irrigation Repairs in Tampa? Let’s find out! The Tampa Bay area in Florida is home to thousand of persons of diverse interests, businesses and activities. But Tampa dwellers face lots of irrigation problems every year. If you live in this area, or you’re just planning to move in, you will […]

Tips to choosing the best sprinkler repair service firm

Sometimes, you just need an urgent sprinkler repair service agency to remedy that ugly situation. But the problem is not about the situation but about finding the best sprinkler repair service agency.   There is a well-known adage; if it is not broken, don’t fix it. This shows that if it is broken, you definitely […]

Six things to know before installing a sprinkler system.

There’s no need denying that having a sprinkler system comes with a whole lot of benefits compared to manually watering your lawn or fields. It is not only time and energy saving, but it is also more effective in ensuring your lawn has that lush green look.  Besides, you also don’t always have to worry […]

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